Why people switch their dog to a raw diet

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Dog owners who want to try switching to raw dog food can sometimes feel hesitant to make the leap because of several factors, one of which is the question: why do it in the first place? Why do people switch their dog to a raw diet after all?

There are dozens of different reasons why pet owners switch to a raw diet for their dogs, but it all boils down to two major factors – their dog’s health, and the cost benefits. It could be because of a friend who showed them convincing results from switching their dog to a raw diet, or because their own pet needs a nutritional change for health reasons and the raw diet was recommended.

So let’s take a look at the first and probably the best reason of all: improving your dog’s health. Dogs are naturally carnivorous, and the canine species have existed long before processed dog food was invented, because of this, dogs are naturally inclined to eat meat. They are however opportunists, and will eat other food items such as vegetables if there is no meat available, but the dog’s tendency is to first look for meat.

Dogs eating a raw diet often enjoy a healthier life due to fewer food allergies. Some of the most common allergens to dogs come from beef, chicken, dairy products, eggs, grains, and fish. However, science has shown us that the protein structure in raw beef, for instance, is significantly different from cooked or processed dog food, so dog owners that have pets with developed allergies to these products may discover that their dogs will be fine eating on a raw diet instead.

It should be noted as well that dogs commonly develop allergies to food they have been eating for months or years, so if you have been feeding your pet the same dog food every day since you got him, chances are he’s going to develop an allergy to it (if he hasn't already).

Aside from allergies, another thing that’s going to improve is your dog’s odour and looks. Dog owners who have switched their pets to a raw diet frequently report that their dogs have lost their "doggy breath" and smell better in general. Additionally, their dogs enjoy a shinier coat, one that is smoother and oil-free. Beneath the fur, dogs that switch to raw diets will also enjoy an itch and flake free skin.

Dog owners who have converted to raw dog food also report that their pets' poo has changed. Try it yourself and you will see your dog’s stools becoming firmer and less odourous as time goes by. This is because a raw diet for dogs means less wastage inside the dog’s digestive system, so the poo comes out firm, small, and with less smell.

The second reason why people switch their dog to a raw diet is the cost. Because of the raw diet, most of the food allergies and minor ailments that a dog frequently suffers from are automatically taken care of, which means fewer visits to the vet. This translates to lower expenses from veterinary bills and medicines.

A lot of people are also actually saving money compared to dried food. By bulking in bulk and preparing the meals yourself, you can feed your dog healthier and cheaper than your would on commercial dog food.

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