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If you love talking about raw feeding, sharing stories, or just looking at cute pictures of puppies then Facebook is where you need to be. There are hundreds of raw feeding Facebook groups ranging from small town local sites to thriving global communities with members from all four corners of the world. Here's a brief run through of our favourite groups, you should definitely check them out and join in on the fun.

Natural Dog Group Natural Dog Group

Created after the success of the Natural Dog Conference, the Natural Dog Group is a small group of like minded individuals with a strong focus on natural dog care: Visit Natural Dog Group.

Raw Feeding Advice & Support Raw Feeding Advice and Support Revived

Raw Feeding Advice and Support are a group of friendly knowledgeable people willing to help others in their raw feeding journey: Visit Raw Feeding Advice & Support.

The Raw Feeding Community The raw feeding community

The Raw Feeding Community is a friendly and informative group with members ranging from beginners to experienced raw feeders. All types of raw feeding are discussed in this group. Visit The Raw Feeding Community.

BARF Diet Chat Barf diet chat

BARF Diet Chat, hence the name, is a BARF focused community covering not just dogs, but cats as well. This is the place to be if you're starting off with BARF. Visit BARF Diet Chat.

Raw & Holistic Cat & Dog Support Group Raw & Holistic Cat & Dog Support Group

A raw feeding group with a strong holistic following. A very active group with people discussing diets for both cats and dogs Visit Raw & Holistic Cat & Dog Support Group.

Raw Feeding UK Raw feeding UK

A UK based raw feeding group helping newcomers get started. This is one of the bigger raw communities on Facebook. Visit Raw Feeding UK.

Raw Bartering Raw bartering

Raw Bartering is a UK based group for members to buy, sell and swap raw dog food. The perfect place for a bargain. Visit Raw Bartering.

Raw Fed Dogs - A learning and sharing group Raw Fed Dogs a learning and sharing group

Raw Fed Dogs help members during the transition from kibble to a raw fed diet. Full of friendly and helpful members who are very keen to help out. Visit Raw Fed Dogs.

Rawsome and Holistic! Rawsome and Holistic

A group to help advise and support owners of raw fed cats, dogs and ferrets. Visit Rawsome and Holistic!.

Hardcore Raw Hardcore raw

Not for the faint hearted. Hardcore Raw is the place to discuss the more gruesome side of raw feeding, a very interesting group. Visit Hardcore Raw.

Raw Feeding FRIENDS Raw Feeding Friends

Raw Feeding Friends help newbies get started with raw feeding, covering both BARF and Prey model raw. Visit Raw Feeding Friends.

Raw tips Raw tips

Targeted towards prey model feeders, Raw Tips is there to discuss raw feeding, natural rearing and many other health topics. Visit Raw tips. This is just a small selection of the many raw feeding groups available on Facebook, check them out and discover something new today. Whilst you're here, take a look at our Facebook page and give us a like!

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